It has been a very long time since I’ve blogged. In fact the last post I had promised more posts. Life got away from me. But what I will say is that in the last few months, I have spent more time learning about tea and I feel like I have learned enough to actually have more to share. I have been trying new teas, reading more about tea, and learning different brewing methods. I’m hoping that within the next couple of weeks, I can get back onto a regular posting schedule. I will have much to share!

Of course, I can’t post on here without letting you know what tea I’m sipping on: I am trying a bagged tea (set down the pitchforks!) from English Tea Shop–English Breakfast. It’s surprisingly tasty and full of flavor for tea dust. I’m mainly in it for the caffeine.

Hopefully you all will enjoy the future of this blog. I’m going to attempt to take it to the next level. Have a wonderful Sunday, and as always, happy sipping!



Tea Time with Izzy #6

I know that if you are following this blog and see this pop up on your notifications, it may come as a shock. I don’t really have a good excuse for going 4 months without blogging, aside from just a general lack of motivation to do so. A lot of that has to do with my environment, which I’ll get into in just a moment.

For now, I will tell you what tea I am enjoying at the moment: Serene Teaz Toasted Almond Fritter– my absolute favorite at the moment. I got it from a wonderful little ¬†independent tea shop in Wheaton, Illinois (a quaint little suburbian town outside of Chicago). It is so delicious, and it instantly makes my mood improve when I drink it. It is so soothing and sweet…I’m going to have to move on because I could talk about this tea for hours.

So, some life updates. I last left off on a post where I was still working night shift, and things at that job were seeming to improve. Well, in April, I left the job. One can only take so much working in a place like that, and since this is a Tea Time post, I will get a little personal: I am mildly traumatized from that job. Not to the point where it’s PTSD or anything, but enough to where when I revisit memories from working there, it makes me feel like I’m going to have a panic attack. The good news is that I have a new job that I am very happy about. My current path is to end up being either a vetinary technician or assitant (one requires schooling, one simply requires a promotion). I am currently a kennel worker, so I still get lots of time to work with animals directly, but I really want to be in the lab and work with the medical side of things. That’s my current direction, and I really hope it works out.

So back to what I was saying at the beginning: my environment. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned on here or not, but I live in a tiny studio apartment. And it’s so hard to function in this place because you know, I’ve got a lot of stuff, particularly tea and essential oil stuff. So my apartment is very crowded and very hard to move around in and very hard to just function in. So, it makes me very unmotivated to do the most basic things, even things that I enjoy like blogging, cooking, making stuff out of essential oils. Sometimes I don’t even feel like making tea because it would require me to move across the crowded room.

But I am moving in roughly a month, and while the process has been a little stressful, I am looking forward to having more space to live in. More space to put my stuff in. A full size kitchen. A washer and dryer….I just really hope it all works out.


That’s all for now. I’m hoping to get back into blogging a little in the upcoming weeks, but I can’t promise anything. I know for sure I will get back into it when I move, but until then, who knows?

For now, I hope you all are well and enjoying your teas. Have a wonderful week, and happy sipping!

Tea Time with Izzy #5: Staying Focused

Hello all! It’s been quite the week for me so far, and I haven’t felt much like posting. But I’m here to post at least a tea time. I’m currently enjoying a cup of Adagio Tea’s Alice in Wonderland (from their Storytime collection). It’s very delicious and really warms the soul, which is necessary on this ridiculously cold night in the mountains.

I am blogging from work once again, but I have been feeling much better lately about things. I got myself into a slump, and I’m proud of myself for pulling myself out of it before it started to consume me. I am focusing on what’s important in my life right now: my relationship, my cat, my move, & my writing. Though things get hard at work sometimes, I feel like I am really finding myself again– or at least trying to.

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Tea Time with Izzy #4: Technology is cool

Greetings tea friends!

It’s about 21:00 where I am, and I am sipping on my newly purchased Celestial Sleepytime Complete Care tea, pumped with Vitamin C, Zinc, & elderberry to kick my immune system’s rear end into gear. As you know from my previous posts, I got my first cold of the season (and hopefully my last). It got better, and then I crashed and burned again. Isn’t that how colds always go? You get better and then you get worse before you actually get better. It’s a frustrating experience. I’m trying to hold off on reviewing any more teas until I’m officially over this cold because my sinus congestion can affect my perception on the taste and smell of teas. That being said, this Celestial tea is quite tasty, and it can’t hurt to drink, even if it has little to no effect on my cold. I also picked up Celestial Sleepytime Sinus Soother, and man, I can’t recommend that enough!

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Review: Wissotzky Tea’s English Breakfast

Hello tea friends! Today, I have another review for you: Wissotzky Tea’s English Breakfast! I received this tea in a little gift basket sent to me by a friend. I have heard of this brand before, but I’ve never actually tasted it until now.



This tea comes in 16 silk pyramid tea bags– and look at how nice looking this tea is! Normally, I swear by loose leaf tea and no alternatives, but when the tea is still quality inside the tea bag, it doesn’t really make that big of a difference, if at all.

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Best Teas for When You’re Sick

Cold & flu season is almost over here, so perhaps this post is a little late. I managed to avoid getting sick this year…until this week. I got a cold a few days ago, and am now getting over it. Being sick is no fun, and there really isn’t a way to “cure” a cold or flu. There are a lot of claims out there about different home remedies curing colds, but the truth of the matter is, you have to wait it out. You’re going to be sick, you’re going to feel like crap, and all you can do is just use things to help alleviate symptoms.

That being said, I find that tea helps me feel better, even if it’s just a mental/emotional thing since being sick can make you feel like crap inside and out. Listed here are my favorite teas for when I am sick. These are just personal preferences and don’t necessarily line up with any claims on teas curing anything.

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